New forces have arrived!

I remember hearing that phrase all the time when playing the classic C&C games pack in the day. The feeling of first ordering a unit, paying the cost, waiting for it and then having it finally arrive was always exhilarating. Same thing happened with the Ally & Villan Packs for Imperial Assault. I actually ordered them not long after starting my first campaign in hope they would arrive in time for the 2nd. It didn’t turn out that way with the dock workers strike and all, but finally they arrived in Vienna in the last week.

Rebel Forces

I am sure there are already enough summaries about the contents of these packs out on the internet, but if you are completely oblivious to them and still need general direction, here is the main Campaign feature of each pack, aside from the also included command cards, missions and being able to play them in Skirmish:

  • Han and Chewie: Reward cards for the campaign.
  • Rebel Saboteurs and Rebel Troopers: Win them for the campaign
  • Imperial packs: Win their respective characters for the campaign and get one new Agenda Set per pack

Imperial Forces

Of course, me having them already also means that I will start sendingĀ out the packs for the winners of the first few podcasts in the next few days. More on how that goes during Episode #4 of the podcast.


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