Podcast #74 – New Frontiers in OP


00:04:55 New Tournament Rules -> Lothal Wastes is in!

00:05:50 Return to Hoth available for the App -> New activation rules

00:07:20 Future of Organized Play in FFG

00:13:50 Zions Finest hosting a Vassal tournament on the 9th March

00:15:10 ZF Slack channel

00:16:15 UK National Championships – UK Games Expo 2019

Community Watch

00:20:10 Brett Kelly – State of the Meta early 2019

Rules Clarification

00:21:35 Lothal “Spire” Ruling – FFG Forums Post

00:26:55 Skirmish End Triggers

Game Discussion

00:31:05 UK Tournaments December and January

Sign Off

01:28:10 LotR LCG on Steam

01:28:10 LotR LCG Discord

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