Wave 10 Ally Pack – Ahsoka Tano

Ahsoka Tano painted and photographed by Matthew of www.oldenhammer.com

Ahsoka Tano, painted and photographed by Matthew of www.oldenhammer.com


If you watched the Star Wars: Rebels or the Star Wars: Clone Wars TV shows, then Ahsoka Tano should ring a bell for you. Costing the same as Leia she is much more survivable. 12 Health and a white die doesn’t make her invincible, but she should be able to withstand some heat at least.

With Vigor she even has the option of getting a block power token. A Speed of 4 and melee attack doesn’t look good at first glance, but she has Force Leap to make up for that. It ignores additional movement points and can even bridge impassable terrain! And the 6 spaces from Force Leap can even be extended by Vigor if you prefer that over some improved defense. Once she is at the target, she rolls GGB and Twin Sabers can help to get the most damage through. Wielding lightsabers, she gets the obligatory Pierce 3 for a surge and even has +2 Damage for another Surge Ability. This makes her very good at attacking figures with high blocks like the new AT-DP, Vader or anything in the vicinity of Royal Guards.

To recruit Ahsoka Tano for your campaign, you need to win the side mission Home Invasion included in this pack. This mission requires map tiles from the Heart of the Empire expansion!


Ahsoka has the same deployment card as in the campaign for use in Skirmish. Her abilities are actually very much tuned for Skirmish. Vigor and Force Leap means she can move into position in Round 1 and even get a block power token to help her in Round 2. In Round 2, Force Leap makes here excellent at closing the gap towards key figures. Her Twin Sabers give you a high chance of removing 4 cost figures with 1 attack, even if you don’t have good command cards in hand. Still, Ahsoka has the Force User, Spy and Leader traits. That makes her attractive to put in a variety of lists, since she can make use of a variety of command cards. Officer’s Training, Comm Disruption and Intelligence Leak all come to mind.

Speaking of command cards, there isn’t too much exciting in this pack. Right Back At Ya! is 3 direct damage towards an attacker if you spend a block power token (which you want to anyway). The neat thing is that this damage happens before the attack resolves. So if a figure with 3 or less Health left attacks Ahsoka, you can basically cancel the attack and defeat that figure for the cost of a block power token and this command card. Balancing Force is … weird. You can use it if you manage to make your enemy spread its damage across your figures, and you don’t do the same. Even then, a Command Cost of 2 makes it very to find a spot for this. Fool me Once helps you against lists that run Leia or you can get rid of Shared Experience¬†and Targeting Network if you face some droids. 2 Strain is a high cost for that, though. Force Jump is like Force Leap, but it only covers 5 spaces instead of 6. It can help out Vader to get to where he needs to be. For Ahsoka herself, it’s basically useless. Maybe it has some good interaction with Yoda when he comes out? The last card is Force Push which helps you reposition the battlefield. Good for bumping figures off of terminals or drawing in figures to reach them with melee characters, like Ahsoka herself. Certainly the card to keep in mind the more rebel Force User figures are released.


She is definitely the version from the 3rd season of Rebels. Unfortunately, the pose doesn’t mesh with her character. She stands almost upright with both sabers at the side. It’s just not how you picture her if you know her from the show.