Wave 2 Villain Pack – Boba Fett

Boba Fett painted and photographed by Matthew of www.oldenhammer.com

Boba Fett, painted and photographed by Matthew of www.oldenhammer.com


Boba Fett’s deployment card is certainly impressive. With a threat cost of 13 he isn’t cheap, but he brings a lot to the table. His 12 Health are augmented by +1 Block and +1 Evade automatically, and his defense is a black die. His amazing Speed of 6, combined with him being mobile also make him hard to hit on maps with a lot of corners. Additionally, to that, his Battle Discipline lets you chose 1 of 3 effects at the start of your attack. You can get additional Accuracy, additional damage for a Surge, or recover health for a surge. With his ranged attack of blue, green and yellow dice, you are bound to roll some surge to spend there. You can also decide to use Boba more offensively, making use of his Battle Presence ability. It is especially good against heroes like Jyn, Diala and Davith who rely on moving around the battleground.

His Agenda Set includes By Any Means Necessary, which can help you get the edge during one of your mercenary activations by granting you an additional attack. No Disintegrations weakens your attack by 2 Damage, but gives you additional threat if it doesn’t whiff completely. But you can only use it once per mission, thus it is hard to justify the cost of 2 Influence.

To recruit Boba Fett as a Villain for your campaign, you need to win the side mission Predator and Prey, which is included in his Agenda Deck. This mission is playable with just the tiles from the Core Box!


Similar to the campaign, Boba Fett has an answer to many situations. Be careful however! To play the Skirmish mission included in the pack, you need map tiles from the Twin Shadows expansion box! If you are comfortable with that, you get not only the famous bounty hunter, but also a brand-new Skirmish Upgrade Card called Explosive Armaments. You can only attach it to droids or hunters, but Blast 2 is nothing to sneeze at. Even if you do need two surges to trigger it. The soon-to-be released HK Assassin Droids would make excellent targets for this. But until then, the pack is only worth its money if you do plan on running mercenary lists, or mixing in Boba with the empire. Since most newer unique figures are priced significantly cheaper, he has fallen off the radar quite a bit as of late, though.

There are 3 Command Cards in his pack. The first is Boba Fett’s signature Command Card, Mandalorian Tactics. It enables a beastly activation from Boba that can turn a game on it’s head. Finding that card in your deck is the actual problem, though. With Jump Jets on the other hand, you can upgrade any small figure with similar mobility to Boba himself. This is of course best used for unique units like Luke Skywalker, Diala Passil or Darth Vader, who all need to be adjacent to their target(s) to unleash their most powerful attacks. Last, but not least, there is Capture the Weary. It’s a bit lackluster as it doesn’t synergize well with either IG-88, Dengar or Bossk.

The included skirmish map Imperial Space Station uses tiles from the core box and the twin shadows box expansion.


The model itself is just amazing to look at. It’s definitely the highlight of wave 2. But all this detail means that he is pretty hard to paint. Definitely not a figure you want to start learning how to paint on.