About Boardwars.eu

Boardwars.eu is a europe centric podcast about the miniature tabletop game Star Wars: Imperial Assault by FantasyFlightGames. Hosts currently are Stephan, Jeppe and Pasi. You can reach us on

Discord: http://discord.me/bweu
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Boardwars.eu/
Email: podcast@boardwars.eu
Podcast RSS feed: http://boardwars.eu/category/podcast/feed/

2 Responses to “About Boardwars.eu”

  • Jeppe:

    Hi guys,

    Did you find the reinforcements you were needing?

    A Dane living in the Netherlands I speak a passable English but I’m fluent in IA 😉


    • Hey Jeppe!

      We are still evaluating the replys we received so far.
      We will include you into the mix and let you know next week what our plans are if that’s okay for you.
      You’d have to leave some contact info though, or write us an email 🙂


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