Wave 7 Villain Pack – Greedo

Greedo painted and photographed by Matthew of www.oldenhammer.com

Greedo painted and photographed by Matthew of www.oldenhammer.com


There he is, our favorite Rhodian, Greedo. And he is cheap! Not only in his tactics, but also his Deployment Cost of 4 to bring him to the table. But you get quite a lot for that investment. 7 Health, a white defense die and a speed of 5 make him a nimble fighter that might not be around for long, but certainly long enough to get your money’s worth. On the offense, he attacks with 2 green dice on range, but you have to factor in that he also gets a bonus Accuracy as well as bonus damage for each attack! So with a minimum range of 3 and a minimum damage of 3 he certainly is an enemy to look out for. However, all that amazing stuff comes at a cost. Slow on the Draw means that each time he attacks, the target gets to attack him first, if able. You can work around that by constructing tricky line of sight constellations or just attacking melee enemies at range. But it limits his potential targets, which is a great way to give him a drawback. He also has Parting Shot that works just like it does for the Hired Guns. Once he suffered enough damage to be defeated, he can fire off a last shot, just like in … well, not everyone agrees what really happened in that cantina in Episode IV. So overall he is decent if you can get him on the board in the first few missions. But after that, his value quickly decreases to even below the Hired Guns.

Moving on to his Agenda Set, the card Stealth Squad is a bit odd. It doesn’t seem to fit thematically with him at all. For what it’s worth, that is just basically the Covert ability of Mak Eshka’rey in his campaign iteration. Certainly good for figures that you want to have in the background manipulating things like Kayn Somos or General Sorin. The real gem here though is Hunter for a Fee. With it, you can get Greedo into play for free, but his presence is tied to another figure with the leader trait. Also, it only works in side missions. All of this makes it a bit less worthwhile than one would hope for, but again another way of getting him on the board in the campaign, which is a good thing overall.

To recruit Greedo as a Villain for your campaign, you need to win the side mission Top Target, which is included in his Agenda Deck. This mission only requires tiles from the Core Box! You can also purchase Hunter for a Fee and get him into play in any side mission.

Like all Wave 7 packs, Greedo also comes with a rebel upgrade card. The DT-12 Heavy Blaster Pistol is a tier 2 upgrade and packs a punch. With its green/green attack and Surge Abilities for +1 Damage and +2 Accuracy, Pierce 1 it is good for the price of 600 credits. Where it really shines though is its ability. By expending 2 Strain you can shoot at a figure that just attacked you. Almost as good as Quick Draw found on Jyn Odan’s campaign sheet, just that you have to interrupt after you got attacked. Still, 2 Strain for an out of turn attack is amazing value and certainly boosts this card’s playability from “okay” to “holy shit I want to buy that now!”. That is certainly the card you will pick up this pack for.


Greedo is a bit of an oddball in Skirmish. He is cheap, sure. But unlike the Hired Guns, you only get 2 actions, making him less viable to just rush for objectives or terminals where needed. His Slow on the Draw is a much larger detriment in Skirmish, where there are less melee figures to be found. Without some good synergy with his Hunter trait, he will not see play that often.

Prey on the Weak is the skirmish upgrade card included in this pack. Tailor-made for Bossk, it is best played on him, of course. But Boba Fett can also benefit from it. You can also try to make it use with a Nexu, but that pierce 1 for 1 Deployment Cost is much less enticing there.

For command cards, this pack offers more cards to be used with the Hunter trait. In the Shadows works similar to Stealth Squad, just in Skirmish instead of the campaign. Good if you want to run away a hurt Bossk, Boba Fett or the Inquisitor, but a bit dependent on the circumstances. Priority Target helps you take down figures like Luke, the Inquisitor or Bossk. But playing against lists that just don’t feature these signature figures, the card falls flat on its nose. Its effect still triggers, but getting Focused and applying 1 damage is less impactful when you attack a Heavy Stormtrooper for example. His signature card Stroke of Brilliance gives Greedo +2 Block and +1 Evade for a single attack against him. It is clearly aimed at using when he is attacked via Slow on the Draw, but you can use it on any attack really. For 0 cost, it is cheap, but its effect is also pretty marginal. You will include it if you run Greedo of course, but the card is no game changer.

The included skirmish map Hangar Bay only uses tiles from the core box.


Greedo’s model is the best in Wave 7. There just is no arguing anything else. His stance is unmistakably iconic as well as fitting with his actual game mechanics. And Rhodians have an easy time getting recognized on the board with their blue/green heads amidst all the white buckets and brown haired rebel figures.