Wave 8 Villain Pack – Captain Terro

Captain Terro painted and photographed by Matthew of www.oldenhammer.com

Captain Terro painted and photographed by Matthew of www.oldenhammer.com


In the wastes of Tatooine you need a mount to get anywhere fast. If you can’t afford speeders, you will be stuck with a Dewback, just like Captain Terro! Seriously, though, he is cool. Even though he is a large figure, his speed of 5 and the new Mounted ability make up for that. It even allows him to get somewhere, use his Flamethrower and then still attack. It’s not as much action packed as Jedi Luke, but it’s respectable for his Deployment Cost. And even if you don’t run the new Nemeses class deck, he is quite affordable. But wait, there is more!

The pack is also the first one to come with a villain and a non-villain figure in the same pack. With Captain Terro, you also get a Dewback Rider. With just slightly slower stats, but still retaining the Mounted ability, these guys offer incredible value for their meager 5 Deployment Points. Luckily, they don’t even have any Habitat trait, so you are free to bring them along anywhere you please.

These 2 alone are enough reason for you to buy the pack for the campaign, so what does the Agenda Set have to offer? With Flamethrower you get Captain Terro’s ability on a group. This of course works very nicely with any form of troopers. Remember the Dewback Rider from earlier? With Dewback Patrol you can bring one of them in for free! Both are not absolutely Tier 1 cards, but they are serviceable enough for you to include them.

To recruit Captain Terro for your campaign, you need to win the side mission Anchorhead Affair, which is included in this pack. This side mission requires tiles from the Jabba’s Realm box expansion! You can bring the Dewback Rider in any open group that doesn’t disallow creatures.

Captain Terro painted and photographed by Matthew of www.oldenhammer.com

Dewback Rider painted and photographed by Matthew of www.oldenhammer.com


While most imperial lists in the new meta form around some form of Jet Trooper groups, Captain Terro and the Dewback Riders are certainly viable. With their built-in action advantage and a good way to get weaken on enemy figures either with Flamethrower or Shock Lance and then also shoot at them, they are especially good at removing figures from key spaces. Their high health and black defense die makes them unusually sturdy for their Deployment Point cost. Unless the Skirmish maps get noticeably bigger, both Terro and the Dewbacks almost only have upsides.

They get even better when you factor in the included skirmish upgrade Feeding Frenzy. With both Terro and the Dewbacks you have easy ways of placing damage on figures before you attack. Feeding Frenzy then gives you that +1 Damage boost when you need it the most. The kicker: since it’s an exhaust while you attack, you can exhaust it after all rerolls happened, and only use it when you really need it. Usually that wouldn’t be too much of an issue since you only attack once per round with these groups anyway. But since both Terro and the Dewbacks also have the trooper trait, cards like Squad Swarm and Strength in Numbers can work wonders to give Terro or the Dewbacks additional activations when they most need it.

Taking a look at the command cards, there is Battlefield Awareness which continues the randomness mitigation trend we saw in the Jedi Luke and Alliance Ranger packs. You also get Feral Swipes, which … is wierd. There might be some janky interaction with other cards that you can pull out of your hat. But for the most part, this card won’t swipe anyone off their feet. Lastly, there is Captain Terro’s signature card Cavalry Charge. A defense boost is nice and all, especially since the effects also apply to Terro himself. It still feels a bit underwhelming to a part where you will start second guessing yourself each time you include it in your deck.


The pack comes with a base dewback model, on which you can either mount Captain Terro with his flamethrower or the dewback trooper with his shock lance. The shock lance bends very easily, so be careful! The dewback itself is great and has a nice texture. This should be fun to paint, while not being too hard. Great to practice your skills in drawing alien skin before you move on to more prominent figures like Jabba the Hutt.