Wave 5 Villain Pack – Dengar

Dengar painted and photographed by Matthew of www.oldenhammer.com

Dengar, painted and photographed by Matthew of www.oldenhammer.com


The ruthless killer Dengar is quite interesting in his campaign version. His attack with a green and yellow die might not seem that good. Also with just 4 Speed, 8 Health, a black defense die and just one Surge Ability for +2 Damage … what’s going on? Well, he has the ability Contempt, where he gets to add an additional Surge to the attack results if the target doesn’t suffer from a Condition. But the kicker is his ability Punishment: It is triggered via a Surge, and you can apply any condition to the target if it had suffered at least one damage. Any! And you can trigger this multiple times per attack! Stunned and bleeding in a single attack? Why yes, Dengar can! He can cause the rebels so much trouble when they are on a timer. It is amazing.

His Agenda Set includes Beaten Down and Targeted Cruelty. While Beaten Down certainly looks much more interesting, both are amazing and especially viable if you play Subversive Tactics.

To recruit Dengar as Villain for your campaign, you need to win the side mission A Bounty Protected, which is included in his Agenda Deck. This mission requires tiles from the Return to Hoth expansion!


Dengar’s pack really lacks in Skirmish. His deployment card is just too weak, slow and vulnerable to be of any use in the current meta. Even just for a cost of 7. Since most Skirmish games are over in round 3 or 4, his ability to dish out conditions will only be used for Stun. And there are better ways to gain access to this than including him in a list.

His Command Cards include Payback which lets Dengar do a counter-attack, should he survive an attack. It is very limited action advantage, but since he will be one of the first targets, it might actually be seeing some play. Brace Yourself which gives 2 additional defensive blocks against out of turn attacks. This does come up more often as more content is released for the game. Dangerous Bargains is interesting as it is another way to manipulate Victory Points without actually scoring them. But unless there is more support for this, this card won’t see much play.

The Skirmish Upgrade Punishing Strike however can be valuable. Its Deployment Cost of 2 is high, but being able to automatically stun with a Nexu shouldn’t go unnoticed, now that they actually see some play. Though currently, buying the pack alone for that card seems excessive.

The included skirmish map Hoth Battle Station only uses tiles from the Return to Hoth box expansion.


He is cool. His brown tones don’t make him stand out too much. But at least his pose compensates for that. The blaster rifle sticks out unusually far, which makes him easily identifiable on the board and look pretty menacing.