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Vassal Tournament – Week 1

The tournament is in full swing and it has been a total success so far. Not only have the players played 18 games so far, I also managed to snag 3 log files and convert them into short battle reports for your viewing pleasure!

EU Group – Al_Ph vs. SeanO
EU Group – Locu vs. DerSeb
US Group – frotes vs. cnemmick

You can also follow the scores and upcoming pairings here:

EU Group on Challonge
US Group on Challonge

Of course you are invited to join us on discord server where we discuss the games, strategy and the meta.

Here’s towards an exciting week 2!

Playing the campaign on

I am usually a bit late when giving out presents, but most of the time they are a different to what you usually find under the tree. For our listeners, viewers and followers I prepared something special this year.

Core Box and Wave 1 digital assets

You can use these assets to play the Core Box campaign (including Wave 1 additions) on Setting it up still requires a bit of trickery, but if you are familiar with the site, you can grab the .zip file and start right away. Of course you still need the campaign guide included in the game to set up and play the actual missions.

If you are unfamiliar with, we still got you covered. Over the next few weeks I will guide you through using the site to set up missions, players, decks, dice, everything. So stay tuned for that.

Happy new year and have an awesome 2016!

Core Box Campaign online

With the next Podcast episode being posponed to next week, I figured I update you on something else. I  finally finished putting everything together for us to start our first online campaign. We played our first mission last week and it was rather successful. Everything worked and we even livestreamed it. If you missed it, you can watch the re-upload on Youtube of course.

We will continue with the 2nd mission today. If everything works out fine, we might even have a guest player. But more on that during the livestream. If you are not from central Europe, here is a fancy little countdown for you:

Finally on iTunes and a new Trailer!

I know it took a while, but I finally managed to publish the podcast on iTunes. It was not so much that it’s complicated, it had more to do with my unwillingness to install iTunes on my machine. But well, I forced myself to do it anyway and submitted the podcast for review a few days ago. Yesterday it was approved and now it’s listed on iTunes under Games & Hobbies > Other Games. on iTunes

In other news, I also finally added a favicon to the website, which is just a scaled down version of the new podcast logo. If you are not listening to the podcast through a podcast app or via iTunes, you will probably never see it, so just have a look at it right here:



In the meantime, I hope everyone of you follows the coverage of Star Wars celebration and has seen the new trailer. If not … what are you doing on this site?!? Too lazy to search for the trailer on youtube? We got you covered!


New forces have arrived!

I remember hearing that phrase all the time when playing the classic C&C games pack in the day. The feeling of first ordering a unit, paying the cost, waiting for it and then having it finally arrive was always exhilarating. Same thing happened with the Ally & Villan Packs for Imperial Assault. I actually ordered them not long after starting my first campaign in hope they would arrive in time for the 2nd. It didn’t turn out that way with the dock workers strike and all, but finally they arrived in Vienna in the last week.

Rebel Forces

I am sure there are already enough summaries about the contents of these packs out on the internet, but if you are completely oblivious to them and still need general direction, here is the main Campaign feature of each pack, aside from the also included command cards, missions and being able to play them in Skirmish:

  • Han and Chewie: Reward cards for the campaign.
  • Rebel Saboteurs and Rebel Troopers: Win them for the campaign
  • Imperial packs: Win their respective characters for the campaign and get one new Agenda Set per pack

Imperial Forces

Of course, me having them already also means that I will start sending out the packs for the winners of the first few podcasts in the next few days. More on how that goes during Episode #4 of the podcast.


Skirmish Battle Report – Covenant Store Finals March

So the Skirmish side is slowly heating up. Recently, the guys from Team Covenant held their finals for March. The final mission was Data Heist on the Kuat Space Station map. But just see for yourself:

Dennis Harlien v.s. Ian Schaffer

If you haven’t got the time to watch the game, here is a short recap. The army list for the players was

Dennis Harlien:

  • Darth Vader (18)
  • Royal Guard (8)
  • Royal Guard (8)
  • Imperial Officer (2)
  • Imperial Officer (2)
  • Imperial Officer (2)

Ian Schaffer:

  • Royal Guard (8)
  • Royal Guard (8)
  • Stormtroopers (6)
  • Elite Probe Droid (5)
  • Elite Probe Droid (5)
  • Imperial Officer (2)
  • Imperial Officer (2)
  • Imperial Officer (2)
  • Imperial Officer (2)

From the get go, you see that Ian has a massive activation advantage. Also he chose the red spawn zone. The mission askes the players to battle for control over a Data Core. If a player controls it at the end of a round, he is getting 10 VPs. However, it’s sealed off with 2 doors that can only be opened at the start of the round by a player if the player controls one of the 2 terminals on the map. So it’s another mission where splitting your forces correct is the key.

Dennis had a hard time with that since his original plan was to control one terminal at the start of round 2 and then storm Vader into the Data Core. For this, he needed Vader to stay around the door, which meant he didn’t do anything during the first round. Since Dennis failed to control a terminal, he basically wasted a full round with Vader right from the get go. Also he lost 2 Royal Guards from one deployment card in Round 2, which reduced activations further. He had some lucky rolls later one once he actually threw Vader into the fight, but it was too late. Ian managed to camp the Data Core with the Stormtroopers and one Imperial Officer for 2 rounds and also defeated all 4 Royal Guards and 2 Imperial Officers of Dennis, pushing him to 30 VPs during the 4th round with control over the Data Core and winning him the game.

Congratulations to Ian! Eventhough it looked quite one sided, it was still fun to watch.

Skirmish Battle Report #001

So I was playing around with Vassal the other day and did a surpise pick up game with someone I met on there. I also managed to record the whole deal on video, so I give to you, the very first Skirmish Battle Report. Enjoy and don’t forget to Subscribe to on Youtube.


Follow Stephan’s Campaign

Automated Campaign Sheet

Last time we talked about the automated campaign sheet on Google spreadsheet. For my 2nd campaign, I decided to use it, partly to avoid some mistakes with awarded credits, XP and other stuff. If you want to follow our progress, just check up on the Campaign #2 Tracking Sheet on my Google drive, or click on the image above. So far the Rebels seem to suffer quite badly, but maybe they can recover in the midgame 🙂