FAQ v1.01 and Tournament Rules up on the FFG website

So FFG just posted Tournament Rules and their first FAQ containing errata and clarification.

Join the Rebellion (or Empire)

The tournament rules I haven’t gone through, because I have yet to play a skirmish game. Though I read through the FAQ quick and the major changes are:

  • Massive figures can now be attacked when they occupy a space containing blocking terrain.
  • Reach attacks can now attack objects, not just figures.
  • Jyn now can move after suffering damage, but don’t has to.
  • Gaarkhan does not become focused when the damage suffered is wounding him.
  • Mak has to use Disengage as soon as an enemy figure enteres the first eligible space.
  • Jyn’s Smugglers Luck only draws one additional upgrade card, even when the players get cards from 2 tiers. The Jyn player can decide from which tier the additional card should be drawn.
  • Doors now block adjacency.

Good changes all around, and I just bummed out by the change to Smugglers Luck. What about you? Did your playstyle change because of the FAQ?

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