Episode #6 contest extension

Twitch_logoDue to scheduling conflicts and a new development for the podcast, the recording for Episode #7 will be posponed. The new date is Monday 8th of June which also means that you can send in entries for the Episode #6 contest until Sunday 7th of June!

In the meantime, if you are yearning for more Skirmish videos because Team Covenant didn’t put one out this week, we got you covered. Herwig found out that FFG recently livestreamed Imperial Assault Regionals on their twitch channel. I can’t say how long the VODs of these matches will be on there, so go watch them now as long as they are available!


The last one is 6+ hours long, so it should keep you entertained over the weekend if you like watching Skirmish. But don’t forget to send in your Supply Cards until Sunday to get entered into the contest for the Rebel Trooper Pack!

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