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I am usually a bit late when giving out presents, but most of the time they are a different to what you usually find under the tree. For our listeners, viewers and followers I prepared something special this year.

Core Box and Wave 1 digital assets

You can use these assets to play the Core Box campaign (including Wave 1 additions) on Setting it up still requires a bit of trickery, but if you are familiar with the site, you can grab the .zip file and start right away. Of course you still need the campaign guideΒ included in the game to set up and play the actual missions.

If you are unfamiliar with, we still got you covered. Over the next few weeks I will guide you through using the site to set up missions, players, decks, dice, everything. So stay tuned for that.

Happy new year and have an awesome 2016!

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  • Xi:

    Super excited to hear how to set this up on Roll20! Hoping to run a Play by Forum game and use Roll20 to track everything. Thanks!

  • Graham:

    Thanks so much for this! It is great. One question: I uploaded the tiles to Roll20. When I drag them onto my map layer form my library, they are not to scale and some are squished. For example, tile 02b comes in as almost square and the spaves on the tile are rectangular when it should be the other way around.

    At first I thought it was because I had grids turned on for the map in Roll20, but this still happens even when I turned it off.

    Any tips on getting all the tiles to the same scale and in the proper dimensions?

    Again, thank you so much for doing this!

    • Hey Graham!

      Unfortunately, I have no real solution for this problem. The workaround I use is to drop a large tile of the map and then try to scale it to square. After that, I scale all additional tiles after the first one.

      I am researching options though, so stay tuned πŸ™‚

  • Paul:

    First i am plowing through the podcast to get me up to date on the game as i just got it for Christmas. I have gotten in a few missions but i am having problems getting people together because of time/kids/etc so this option will be of a great help. I am going to try and figure out roll20 but was wondering where you are at on the videos.

    • Stephan:

      Not far along unfortunately. Other projects just took over in priority. They will come, but since this is mostly a 1 man show, some stuff just get’s pushed back some times πŸ™‚

  • Jon:

    Thanks so much for these files!! I’ve set up and played 1 full mission so far and it worked AMAZINGLY (a new threat). I’ve since set up my second mission (target of opportunity) and will probably start this week. I also had the same problem setting up map tiles, but I found it pretty helpful to set up one tile and use the polygon line tool to create a 2×2 or 3×3 grid that you use to line up the grid on other map tiles.

    For A New Threat, I was able to set up everything and JUST had enough space (100mb for free users) to get the map tiles loaded. That includes all decks and most tokens.

    I’ve also set up some convenient dice macros that specifically work well for units with lots of attack dice (probe droids). The unit-specific macros are nice too because they allow you to select tokens and attack them specifically, which is good for asynchronous play and referencing previous turns.

  • Ryan:

    Thank you SO much for your files! I’m sure it takes a ton of time to produce these. I’m looking to run a Return to Hoth campaign and in an attempt to do it in one day, having the maps pre-assembled and pre-printed is essential, so I was wondering if you have or plan to have the Return to Hoth and Wave 2 and Wave 3 at least tiles available soon? Thanks again so much!

    • Stephan:

      Hi Ryan! Out of respect for FFG we will not release content that is younger than 1 years old. So in the summer I plan to release the Twin Shadows stuff and Wave 2 and 3 followed by Return to Hoth and Wave 4 and 5 late this year or early next year. Sorry πŸ™

      But have a look here:

      It’s a plugin for Vassal with which you can play the campaign! It already has all tiles for Twin Shadows and Return to Hoth, so it might be an alternative for you.

  • Greg:

    ive been looking through your site on your guide to setting stuff up on roll20 but didnt see it. have you not got to that yet?

    • Stephan:

      Hey Greg,

      I never got around writing it and demand was low, so I kept using the time for other stuff (mainly the tournament and getting the 2nd campaign rolling).

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