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Podcast #50 – Happy Birthday

The podcast turns 50! Listen to Stephan, Jeppe, Pasi, Alistair and special guest Rich talk about themselfs, the community and play a fun game of Host-Feud!

Episode 51 will be our normal format again, I promise ūüôā

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Podcast #49 – Ghetto Solution

FFG News: New Tournament Map – Nal Hutta Swamps

Game Discussion: Nal Hutta Swamps

Rules Clarification: Ryyk Blades with Vibrogenerator

Play Experiences: Freedom Fighters

Play Experiences: Mechanical Salvage

Play Experiences: Preventative Measures

Play Experiences: Tarking Initiative Labs

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Podcast #48 – Hot in the City

Han Solo movie directors quit -> Ron Howard takes over

Jabba’s Realm Review – Agenda Sets

Jabba’s Realm Review – Supply Cards

Jabba’s Realm Review – Command Cards

Rules Clarification: Does “during the attack” count in nested attacks?

Rules Clarification: 0-0-0 vs. On the Lam

Rules Clarification: BGG unofficial rules questions thread

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Podcast #47 – Use the Swartz

Wave 9 is available on our image DB

Ally and Villain Pack review of Hera and Chopper is also released

Printable Skirmish Maps now available here on

Send ideas for Episode #50 to

Jabba’s Realm Review –¬†Shyla Varad

Play Experiences – IA European Championship Special

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Podcast #46 – Full of Crumbs

FFG Article – Heart of the Empire

FFG Article – Disturbances in the Force

Rules Clarification – Artificial Stimulants and uneven amount of Strain

Rules Clarification – Push Jabba out of tight corners

Play Experiences – Jabba’s Realm campaign and more

Community Watch – All Worlds 2017 games on Youtube

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Podcast #45 – Chopper is a Dick!

Wave 9¬†is now shipping — relase¬†in the US on May 11th

FFG Article –¬†Worlds prizes

FFG Article –¬†Worlds happening this weekend!

FFG Live on Twitch – IA on Friday afternoon CET

FFG Article – Drawn into the Fight

Jabba’s Realm Review – Hutt Mercenaries

Rules Clarification – On the Hunt on BGG

Play Experiences – Jabba’s Realm campaign

Play Experiences – Wierd Skirmish lists

Community Watch – Jonathan Ying AMA on Reddit

Community Watch – Rogue One custom IA mission!

Community Watch – Scarif Xwing mission pictures

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Podcast #44 – Coughing Contest

App still in the works – GAMA Trade Show

FFG Article – Programmed for Destruction

FFG Article – Utinni

FFG Article – Rules update

FFG Article – Sneak Peek at Prizes

Jabba’s Realm rulebook downloadable

Rules Clarification – FAQ Discussion

Rules Clarification – Choose your 2nd villain late with the Nemeses deck?

FFG Forums – IA Probability Compendium #10

Rebel High Command – Local Tournament Report – Review of the Dodge Result – BT-1 and 0-0-0 analysis – Command Card Primer – Command Deck Building

CoreSec Academy – Command Card Primer

Reddit VASSAL Tournament by MegasilverBracket here

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Imperial Assault Skirmish is Fun!

It’s done! It’s over! And it was a blast! 37 Players from 2 continents and 9 countries played 90¬†games. And it would not have been possible without Trevor’s amazing work on the Imperial Assault Skirmish VASSAL Plugin.

We did cover a few of the games on our Youtube Channel. But since the tournament is now over, you all should have the chance to look at the lists each player brought to the fight and also some of the log files you can watch yourself in VASSAL.

Participants and their lists can be found here

Boardwars VASSAL Tournament – Winter 2017 Log Files can be found here

In the end, the US prevailed, with both players from the US bracket advancing to the overall finals. There, frotes did score a pretty clear win against nick. Congratulations to all players though on playing their games within their scheduled time and just generally being awesome.

If you now have a taste for blood in your mouth, fear not. The next opportunity to crush your opponents with your list is right around the corner! A new league just opened it’s doors on Reddit. And if you prefer tournaments, we do plan on running one again, so keep listening to the podcast and read the forums. You should know early enough.

Last but not least, if you want to just fool around in skirmish, discuss the myriad of rules questions or just like to banter with other Imperial Assault players from around the world: Join us on Discord!

Podcast #43 – Wookie Hate

FFG Article –¬†Worlds 2017 Registration

Jabba’s Realm Review – Vinto Hreeda

Jabba’s Realm Review – Rebel Upgrades Tier 1-3

Play Experiences – VASSAL Tournament Rounds 3 and 4

Play Experiences – Jabba’s Realm campaign thoughts

Rules Clarification – Element of Surprise

Rules Clarification – Flash Bomb

Farewell to Antonia

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Podcast #42 – The Answer To Life And Possibly Skirmish

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Vassal Tournament – Week 1

The tournament is in full swing and it has been a total success so far. Not only have the players played 18 games so far, I also managed to snag 3 log files and convert them into short battle reports for your viewing pleasure!

EU Group – Al_Ph vs. SeanO
EU Group – Locu vs. DerSeb
US Group – frotes vs. cnemmick

You can also follow the scores and upcoming pairings here:

EU Group on Challonge
US Group on Challonge

Of course you are invited to join us on discord server where we discuss the games, strategy and the meta.

Here’s towards an exciting week 2!

Podcast #41 – The Pasi Rule

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Vassal Tournament Registration – Final Strech

The Rancor painted and photographed by Matthew of

The Rancor painted and photographed by Matthew of

The registration for the tournament closes on Jan.22nd 12am PST! If you missed what this is all about, read up on the article detailing the tournament and what you need to do to sign up.

A few words regarding the new tournament regulation changes from FFG: The tournament will be played with the newest regulations in effect. This means points are scored when figures are defeated. Also, like announced, the new tournament legal map Anchorhead Cantina (formerly known as Anchorhead Bar) from the Obi-Wan Kenobi pack will be a tournament legal map.

After feedback from already signed up players the tournament round time was increased to 90 minutes excluding setup. And a special clause was added to allow games to be played up to completion (disregarding any time limit) should both players agree to do so. This gives players new to Vassal the time to learn the program as well as providing more experienced players the opportunity to test their lists in real-world scenarios.

All registered players will also recieve an email with tournament details after the registration closed down.

Like always, if you have questions, refer to the up to date article about the details of the tournament, ask in our discord channel or just write an email to

Podcast #40 – Aqualish for 2

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Boardwars Winter 2017 Imperial Assault Vassal Tournament

Over the past year, the Skirmish part of Imperial Assault has exploded into colorful mess of lists and strategies. With the new Regionals season, a new big box full of tools and the European Championships just 1/2 a year off, we wanted to provide a platform to test out new strategies and get prepared!

So we are holding our 2nd Imperial Assault Vassal Tournament.

But what is Vassal? It’s a tabletop gaming framework anyone can write plugins for. Luckily, a dedicated fellow by the name of thereisnotry¬†on the Boardgamegeek forums for Imperial Assault already did all the work. You can find the module right on the Vassal web page. With this, you can play the Skirmish part of Imperial Assault online against other players, which is ideal to get prepared and try out new lists and strategies. If you need help in getting starting with the software, you can find a tutorial on our youtube channel:

The Module will be updated with the contents of the new releases around Jabba’s Realm¬†shortly. Once it has been updated, we will be starting our tournament. If you want to participate, you can register now! To do so,¬†you need to check a few easy marks:

  • Be from a European or US timezone
  • Join our chat server:
  • Send an email to with the topic “Boardwars Winter Tournament Registration”
  • In the email, include:
    • your real name
    • your email address
    • country of residence
    • chat server nickname
    • your army list (in writing or as link to ia-armies or Tabletop Admiral)

Registration ends midnight Jan. 22nd 2017 and the tournament will start on Jan. 30th 2017 (provided the Vassal module has been updated by then. Also, since this tournament is held online, the official tournament regulations will be extended by a few clauses which you can find¬†linked here. Most of it is about scheduling the games and the details on how to set up matches using the chat server. The only real change is the time limit for games (90 minutes) and the map pool. And in anticipation of Nelvaanian Warzone being excluded soon, we decided to swap it for the Anchorhead Bar from Obi-Wan Kenobi’s pack. You play test games on Vassal using the following 2 saved games where the map is already set up:

The tournament will be held in 2 swiss groups, one for each European and US timezones. The groups will last for 4-6 rounds, depending on how many players sign up. The best 2 players of each swiss groups will advance to a knock out round that will determine the ultimate winner in a final.

As a little incentive, the best players of each swiss group, as well as the player with the most innovative/funny/quirky army list will be receiving an Ally or Villain pack of their choice as prize (provided they are available on amazon)!

Podcast #39 – Allegations of a Cold

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Podcast #38 – Flame Resistant Dewback

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Podcast – Worlds 2016 Special

In this special episode Jeppe, Christian and Alistair guide you through the FFG Worlds 2016 and the Imperial Assault Skirmish tournament there.

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Podcast #37 – Whining Farmboy

To register for the tournament, send an email to with the subject “Boardwars Winter Tournament Registration”. It needs to include:

  • Real Name
  • Email Address used for communication with tournament administration
  • Country of residence during the tournament
  • Discord username – can be sent until 48 hours before tournament start
  • Army list – can be sent until 48 hours before tournament start

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The X-Files

HK Assassin Droid painted and photographed by Matthew of

HK Assassin Droid painted and photographed by Matthew of


It’s been a few weeks now since released their article X-Happens. If you haven’t read it, stop now and read it before continuing here. This piece is a direct response to some of the thoughts and arguments brought forth by Joe.

Just to get you up to speed, in Imperial Assault the white die features one face with this cute little X symbol. As per rules, its effect is:

This result causes the entire attack to miss (the target suffers zero damage).

More specifically, a miss not only causes 0 damage, it also prevents the attacker from applying any conditions as result of this attack, wether they be positive or negative. So overall, this result effectively cancels the attack in its entirety. The origins of this mechanic are firmly rooted in the classic RPG game systems and most notable Dungeons & Dragons. Now the first question is … why? Why does this exist? Joe in his article already nails it:

One of the most amazing properties of the Dodge result in Imperial Assault is that out of everything in the game, it seems to be the source of the most extreme emotions felt by players on both ends of the spectrum. Nothing else in the game can quite make you feel the broad range of emotions as the Dodge.

The dodge result is in the game to make you feel something, good or bad. Increasing the emotions you feel when playing the game creates stronger and longer lasting memories, which is a good thing. Or is it?

All well in X-Land?

I don’t think it is. Or more precisely: I don’t think it’s good in skirmish. The thing about Imperial Assault is that it is split into a story driven part (the campaigns) and a very competitive part where you directly compete against other players. These 2 modes of play have pretty different goals of how they engage the players. Let’s look at the 2 parts more closely.

The campaign is typically played by 3-5 players. One of which is controlling the forces of the empire, while the others each play a rebel hero. In the core box alone, of the¬†19 imperial deployment cards only 5¬†have a white die for defense. That is of course including the mercenary cards. On the other hand, of the 6 rebel heroes, 3 of them and all 5 allies defend with a white die. It’s immediately apparent that the rebel faction has a wider selection of characters that use the white die, while the empire mostly has to resort to black dice for defense. This creates a theme where the empire is more sturdy and the rebels are more nimble. Also it tilts the “luck” in favor of the rebels creating moments where heroes survive just barely and creating long lasting memories. A match made in heaven.

The X-Factor

inquisitorHowever, in skirmish the story is different. There the gameplay is more symmetric with both players having access to the same tools and mechanics.¬†Well not exactly. Players running rebel lists still have wider access to white defense dice both for trooper and signature units. Again, this a thematic home run, but does create some problems in actually resolving conflicts in skirmish. Where previously the majority of players benefited from that memory building flukes, now it’s only one of two players. More importantly, regardless if the dodge gets rolled or not, one of the players will feel exceptionally bad. Either the roll cancels a full attack, or the defender relies on the dodge to come up only to be disappointed.

This is bad for statistics. The dodge result is still very powerful but random rolls require that some games seem heavily tilted because of how often or seldom the result actually shows up. However, the really bad thing about it is that it takes away agency of the players. In competitive games, giving players ways to react or mitigate their opponents is creating exciting play experiences. Decisions are made. Combos happen. With the dodge result, this all goes away because of how all-encompassing its effect is. This is a bad way of making you feel something. There is nothing you can do about the dodge … or can you?


lock-onThe developers of the game must have been caught on to this problem. There are a number of ways now to mitigate the effects of the dodge and most of them are indeed exclusive to skirmish or heavily geared towards it. It all started almost a year ago with the HK Assassin Droids. Their ability to re-roll dice cuts the likelyhood of a dodge result cancelling the attack from 1/6 to 1/36. Though … it didn’t really start with them. The core box already had the command card Lock On, which enables you to outright remove the dodge result. But especially since Return to Hoth, there has been a wealth of tools to get rid of that pesky little X.

That cuts right into the next problem. There seems to be fragile agreement that the dodge needs to be downsized in skirmish. However, most recent tools focus on outright removing the result after all dice have been rerolled. The most recent example is the Grand Inquisitor. As long as he rolls a surge, the dodge result harms you more than it helps you. Granted, some figures come with an automatic evade which cancels one surge, but the Grand Inquisitor has a very high chance to roll 2 or even more surges anyway. This is just one example to illustrate that the white die is getting weakened to a degree where it is a liability.

It is the Future I see

Over time this would lead to the rebel faction being at a distinct disadvantage. Already bringing Rebel Troopers to skirmish seems like a fools errand. So how to solve this conundrum? Releasing fewer figures with a white die for defense? Issuing more tools to remove the result? I think both would be bad for the game. The best solution is probably one that the designers hesitate to consider. The effect of the dodge result should be fundamentally changed. While brainstorming during our meetup in Essen a few weeks ago I had some ideas. None of them will end up in the game, but they are fun to think about. The first is just changing the effect from outright cancelling the damage to just have it add 3 block and 1 evade to the results. But that is boring.

A much better idea would be to have it add 2 block and 1 evade and then have the defender reroll the die and add any results to the total. This would make the result much less of a feel bad event and more something you can still overcome. Figures with high damage potential still could reliably attack figures with white defense dice and get something done. It also would make the white die much more mechanically interesting as it now has a bigger potential to cancel surge results. And effects that would previously cancel the dodge result would just cancel the reroll.

What do YOU think about this? Are you certain this is just an imaginary problem? Do you also think there should be something done to the X-man? Let us know on twitter @BoardwarsEU or Facebook.

And thanks to the listeners hanging out on our discord server for the proof reading!