VASSAL Tournament Recap

Imperial Assault Skirmish is Fun!

It’s done! It’s over! And it was a blast! 37 Players from 2 continents and 9 countries played 90¬†games. And it would not have been possible without Trevor’s amazing work on the Imperial Assault Skirmish VASSAL Plugin.

We did cover a few of the games on our Youtube Channel. But since the tournament is now over, you all should have the chance to look at the lists each player brought to the fight and also some of the log files you can watch yourself in VASSAL.

Participants and their lists can be found here

Boardwars VASSAL Tournament – Winter 2017 Log Files can be found here

In the end, the US prevailed, with both players from the US bracket advancing to the overall finals. There, frotes did score a pretty clear win against nick. Congratulations to all players though on playing their games within their scheduled time and just generally being awesome.

If you now have a taste for blood in your mouth, fear not. The next opportunity to crush your opponents with your list is right around the corner! A new league just opened it’s doors on Reddit. And if you prefer tournaments, we do plan on running one again, so keep listening to the podcast and read the forums. You should know early enough.

Last but not least, if you want to just fool around in skirmish, discuss the myriad of rules questions or just like to banter with other Imperial Assault players from around the world: Join us on Discord!

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