Vassal Tournament Registration – Final Strech

The Rancor painted and photographed by Matthew of

The Rancor painted and photographed by Matthew of

The registration for the tournament closes on Jan.22nd 12am PST! If you missed what this is all about, read up on the article detailing the tournament and what you need to do to sign up.

A few words regarding the new tournament regulation changes from FFG: The tournament will be played with the newest regulations in effect. This means points are scored when figures are defeated. Also, like announced, the new tournament legal map Anchorhead Cantina (formerly known as Anchorhead Bar) from the Obi-Wan Kenobi pack will be a tournament legal map.

After feedback from already signed up players the tournament round time was increased to 90 minutes excluding setup. And a special clause was added to allow games to be played up to completion (disregarding any time limit) should both players agree to do so. This gives players new to Vassal the time to learn the program as well as providing more experienced players the opportunity to test their lists in real-world scenarios.

All registered players will also recieve an email with tournament details after the registration closed down.

Like always, if you have questions, refer to the up to date article about the details of the tournament, ask in our discord channel or just write an email to

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