Boardwars Winter 2017 Imperial Assault Vassal Tournament

Over the past year, the Skirmish part of Imperial Assault has exploded into colorful mess of lists and strategies. With the new Regionals season, a new big box full of tools and the European Championships just 1/2 a year off, we wanted to provide a platform to test out new strategies and get prepared!

So we are holding our 2nd Imperial Assault Vassal Tournament.

But what is Vassal? It’s a tabletop gaming framework anyone can write plugins for. Luckily, a dedicated fellow by the name of thereisnotry on the Boardgamegeek forums for Imperial Assault already did all the work. You can find the module right on the Vassal web page. With this, you can play the Skirmish part of Imperial Assault online against other players, which is ideal to get prepared and try out new lists and strategies. If you need help in getting starting with the software, you can find a tutorial on our youtube channel:

The Module will be updated with the contents of the new releases around Jabba’s Realm shortly. Once it has been updated, we will be starting our tournament. If you want to participate, you can register now! To do so, you need to check a few easy marks:

  • Be from a European or US timezone
  • Join our chat server:
  • Send an email to with the topic “Boardwars Winter Tournament Registration”
  • In the email, include:
    • your real name
    • your email address
    • country of residence
    • chat server nickname
    • your army list (in writing or as link to ia-armies or Tabletop Admiral)

Registration ends midnight Jan. 22nd 2017 and the tournament will start on Jan. 30th 2017 (provided the Vassal module has been updated by then. Also, since this tournament is held online, the official tournament regulations will be extended by a few clauses which you can find linked here. Most of it is about scheduling the games and the details on how to set up matches using the chat server. The only real change is the time limit for games (90 minutes) and the map pool. And in anticipation of Nelvaanian Warzone being excluded soon, we decided to swap it for the Anchorhead Bar from Obi-Wan Kenobi’s pack. You play test games on Vassal using the following 2 saved games where the map is already set up:

The tournament will be held in 2 swiss groups, one for each European and US timezones. The groups will last for 4-6 rounds, depending on how many players sign up. The best 2 players of each swiss groups will advance to a knock out round that will determine the ultimate winner in a final.

As a little incentive, the best players of each swiss group, as well as the player with the most innovative/funny/quirky army list will be receiving an Ally or Villain pack of their choice as prize (provided they are available on amazon)!

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