VASSAL Spring Tournament

So for people who do not listen to the podcast and still want to get into that sweet skirmish action and maybe even win some prizes, here is a rundown on what you need to do to be able to sign up.

  • Min players 8 – Max player 32
  • 1st place: Return to Hoth expansion – 2nd place: Wave 5 (Return to Hoth Wave) Ally Pack, player’s choice
  • Players have to be from Europe (excluding Iceland, Russia and Turkey)
  • To sign up, send an email to with:
    • Your army list as an link
    • Your fully name
    • Your VASSAL nickname
    • If you enter the playoffs you will also need to provide your adress
  • Send your email until the 28th of February to sign up!
  • All material up to and including Return to Hoth allowed
  • Maps are taken from the current tournament rules (Kuat Space Station, Mos Eisley Cantina, Training Grounds)
  • Check out how to set up Vassal here.
  • Join our Discord server to find other players:

Obviously the tournament will be played online via the Imperial Assault plugin for VASSAL.

Happy hunting season!

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