VASSAL Spring Tournament – Rules Update

Heavy Stormtrooper painted and photographed by Matthew of

Heavy Stormtrooper painted and photographed by Matthew of

The start of the tournament is right around the corner and you can only register for 4 days (until the 28th of February) to participate. To do so, you must be from Europe and send an email to with your name, an link of your army list and your VASSAL nickname. More information about the tournament can be read here: VASSAL Spring Tournament News

Additions and Changes to the Official Tournament Rules

  • Unless otherwise specified, the official FFG Imperial Assault Tournament Rules apply
  • There will be no 55 minute mission time limit. Missions continue until one player has scored 40 Victory Points.
  • The winner must send in via email to either a screenshot of the VASSAL window with the final score visible or send in a VASSAL log file of the game.
  • The tournament will have a round robin group stage. The first 1 or 2 players (depnding on player attendance) will advance into the final elimination round.
  • Players need to join our discord server at┬áto make scheduling games with their opponents easier.
  • The weekly mission will be sent out via Email to all participants and also communicated on Discord
  • Players can change their faction, the army and their command deck once after the group stage ended.
  • After the group stage has ended, the mission deck will be re-shuffled, so all missions are available for the elimination stage.
  • Opponents need to play their weekly game and submit their score until sunday 10 pm CET of that week.

Since this is more of an informal Tournament, you can ask me (Stephan) on Discord or via mail for clarifications.

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