Podcast #36 – Trade Fair Fever

Special thanks to Alistairs sponsors for sending him to FFG Worlds:

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One Response to “Podcast #36 – Trade Fair Fever”

  • Pasi 'a1bert' Ojala:

    I disagree about the Shoot First agenda card. It does give you an extra activation because the rebels cannot then defeat that group before it can activate, and they are less interested in attacking an already activated group. Shoot First will be very useful in the campaign. If you manage an activation advantage, imagine an elite Stormtrooper group activating as the last activation and then the first in the next round. (Move, Attack, Attack, Move.) It will certainly allow you to wound or withdraw a rebel hero when used correctly, worth 2 influence.

    About Scouted: The card is probably correct and the article talks about a different card. Anyway, we’ll play with what gets shipped. 😀

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