Podcast #33 – NOT Gencon

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2 Responses to “Podcast #33 – NOT Gencon”

  • Pasi 'a1bert' Ojala:

    Feigned Retreat: A massive figure can move again during another activation even if it ends movement on top of figures during its own activation. (The limitation is per activation, not per round. And separately during end of round.)

    Hasty Ambush: You can also wait until all rebels have activated, then deploy and get to activate the group immediately.

    Blackmail: A forced attribute test on picking up crates will discourage rebels from getting them if they are focused. 2 influence is too much though unless the rebels have a lot of sources for focus (Battle Meditation, Jeswandi Training, Life Debt).

    Disruptor Pistol: Give it to Jyn with Gunslinger. 😀

    Btw, Kati is a Finnish woman’s name.

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