Podcast #31 – Stealing Hearts and Cards

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2 Responses to “Podcast #31 – Stealing Hearts and Cards”

  • Pasi 'a1bert' Ojala:

    A couple of notes this time. 😀

    Agent Blaise / Activate Agent: You can also reinforce during an optional deployment. However, the discount only applies to deployments (groups, even if the group contains only one figure), not reinforcements (figures), so you probably want to use it for deployments only.

    Reclassified: only entering the space is required, and by the rules you enter spaces even when they are occupied by another figure. (You need to have the mp to get to a valid space afterwards though.)

    As for using abilities while moving, you only need to end movement to take actions. For example Saska can use Battle Technician while sharing a space with another figure. This has been confirmed by FFG. (What I don’t like is Diala being able to Force Throw while sharing a space with another figure, but she could.) Sonic Bellow is another ability like this, Blindside is the opposite (but Davith can be exiting to enter another space with a figure, hostile or friendly). I don’t think there are any others that would have a timing where you could be occupying a space with another figure.

  • Sorry guys, I haven’t composed the fourth comic yet (soon!), and need to play out the rest of the campaign as well! They won’t be as regular as I had hoped for a little while.

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