Podcast #29 – Time Machine

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8 Responses to “Podcast #29 – Time Machine”

  • Pasi 'a1bert' Ojala:

    Be careful when reading what FFG actually writes. The ruling on Massive during end of round does not say anything about activation happening. End of round should not be considered to be an activation, the ruling only plugs in the hole in the massive movement rules.

    For example figures cannot use once per activation abilities if they for example perform attacks during end of round. See an existing ruling from BGG. (If they get to perform actions though, it might be considered a mini-activation, but it would be for that figure only and during that action only. I think end of round should not have these mini-activations, only the activation phase, but apparently some end of round actions might be considered such.)

    Imperial Operative isn’t really that powerful in the missions where we have very specific Imperial Officers (SWIA010 Chain of Command). It can be pretty good in missions where an unnamed elite imperial officer rolls a dodge 5 times in a row though (SWIA008 Last Stand)!

    That 2.5 hours went by like an arrow… or blaster bolt.. 😀


    • Hi Pasi 🙂

      We will have a special report about the epic saga that is the 2 rules questions Jeppe spawned in the last week. Seems this spanned multiple sites and brought you to write “This is not a ruling!” in bold on the FFG boards 🙂
      Just epic!

      • Pasi 'a1bert' Ojala:

        My post on the FFG site has always had the *this is my opinion* at the start of the post, so I’m not sure how it could have been considered a ruling from FFG. 😀

        • Pasi 'a1bert' Ojala:

          At least it makes it a fun story and shows that to err is human and I’m quick to change my mind when appropriate and that it’s good to get consensus.

  • Meradanis:

    The german Wave 4 (Bantha Rider and Alliance Smuggler) has hit the stores.

  • You guys mentioned that skirmish mode being tacked on to Imperial Assault’s campaign game was only a rumor. I’m curious how that could be a rumor, if IA was clearly derived from Descent’s rules? Unless you are suggesting that Descent had an unreleased skirmish mode that predated IA’s creation, then it’s impossible for skirmish mode to have been there from the beginning.

    It’s not a rumor that Skirmish mode was a secondary design to Campaign mode and therefore had less attention paid to it, it’s just a fact that can be deduced by looking at IA as a successor of Descent.

    • What we really meant is that Skrimish was either in the original pitch for IA and worked on since the beginning or at least from a very early stage. With “tacked on” we mean that the game mode was concieved late in development to avoid a legal issue with Hasbro. I will clarify that in the next episode though 😀

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