Podcast #14 – Only 50 Euro

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2 Responses to “Podcast #14 – Only 50 Euro”

  • Pasi 'a1bert' Ojala:

    You did end up with the correct resolution in the end. 😀 R2-D2 can perform a tech test a hero can perform, so R2-D2 can open doors and hack terminals in Shady Dealings. In addition, now listening to the mission briefing, it is actually written in a way that R2-D2 is not bothered by the Junk Shop Patrol, because they only prevent Heroes from interacting with the terminals. By RAW, of course. You’re free to agree among the players if that’s possible or not. Or allow it if the rebels come to notice it.

    In my PBF Shady Dealings R2-D2 rolled dodge 3 times in a row, then Hired Gun rolled a dodge in response to R2-D2’s attack (which didn’t help the Hired Gun due to Disposable). But in the end it didn’t matter, the rebels were too late to arrive to the Cantina to even take out the Patrol before the round limit.

    (Yes, I wasn’t sure which episodes I had listened to, so I had to start from the first one.. And we all get better with the rules when we get older and more experienced. :D)

    • “Yes, I wasn’t sure which episodes I had listened to, so I had to start from the first one..”

      That explains it 🙂 Happened to me with another podcast too ^^

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