Podcast #1 – Humble Beginnings

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9 Responses to “Podcast #1 – Humble Beginnings”

  • Joshua:

    No… its their 4th game series in the family
    1 Doom
    2 Descent 1st
    2B Descent 1st: Advanced Campains
    3 Descent 2nd
    4 Star Wars Imperial Assault

    Descent 1st basically BUILD UP onto Doom, and Descent: Road to Legend and Sea of Blood again build upon Descent 1st. This means the games basically did not remove features just add features.

    The advanced campaign is really a different kind of game. It is no simple campaign addon. It is more a game that features Descent 1st INSIDE as a sub game.

    Descent 2nd is a horrible horrible re-pack of some of the Descenst 1st Advanced Campaign features and a lot of new things that are very badly implemented. It has nothing much similar with Descent 1st so it is the first real break in this family of games of FFG.

    SWIA is the 2nd real brake in this family of FFG games. First of all a lot of tweaks have been applied to what has been imported from Descent 1st and more so even Descent 2nd. Then a lot of things are just new and different, not just the skirmish mode but also LOS, Spawning, Death Mechanics, Combat Dice, Turn Order and much more.

    You can find a comparison of mine between Descent 1st, Descent 2nd and SWIA here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/woarsbgw2ky1b2u/d1e_vs_d2e_vs_swia.html?dl=0

  • Thanks for the details. I didn’t ever play or own descent and Herwig only played the original (briefly) and 2nd Edition. It shouldn’t matter too much, as IA’s heritage is still visible in both games (and I guess in Doom too). So if listeners are interested in where these mechanics come from and how they were interpreted previously, they can go and look more closely at these games.

    Nevertheless we will try to incorporate your remarks in the next show! 🙂

  • Max:

    Just wanted to stop in to say I really enjoyed the first episode! The sound quality was very good, as was the English. With two hosts, I really liked having one guy be the ‘Campaign Guy’ and the other being the ‘Skirmish Guy’. Looking forward to hearing you guys review the Ally/Villain packs coming out. Keep up the good work!

    (PS, Fellow Cardboard of the Rings listener here!)

  • DarkJodo:

    Great episode! When can we hear episode 2??

  • Vee:

    Excellent podcast! Thanks.

  • Morbid:

    Really like how you highlight some of the show notes, so we can look at things for ourselves.

    • Hi Morbid. Thanks for the feedback and don’t forget to listen to the other episodes as well. They do get slightly better over time as we get more used to doing this thing 🙂

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