Buyers Guide for all Wave 1 Packs now availabe!

Trandoshan Hunters painted and photographed by Matthew of

Trandoshan Hunters painted and photographed by Matthew of

It’s been almost a year since the release of the core box and a¬†question still posted quite frequently on Reddit, Boardgamegeek and the FFG forums is:

Which expansion should I buy after purchasing the core box?

Of course people chime in all of the time and most answers are helpful. But what really lacked so far is a comprehensive guide to which packs offer what for either the campaign or the skirmish game mode.
So we just decided to create one. When you click the link on the menu bar titled “Imperial Assault Expansion Pack Buyers Guide” or just click it here, you will find a list of all the currently available Ally and Villain packs. Today we finished creating short reviews for all of the Packs in Wave 1. So if you are one of the players who just recently bought the game, head on over to the guide and look up all of the packs to see what best to spend your money on.
We plan to extend the guide to Wave 2 and Wave 3 in the next few weeks, so you can maybe even adjust your holiday shopping based on the information in the guide. Until then, have fun reading the Wave 1 reviews and leave feedback either in the comments or on

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