Podcast #69 – Android all the Way


Image DB now has all the new cards of the ToL Box and the new Figure Packs.

Sabine Pack misprint -> Sabine Dance

Community Watch

ToL Hero writeup by TVBoy on the official Forums

Kryat Dragon and Tress – How does it work? -> Game Discussion!

Rules Clarification

Intimidation vs. Vader’s Legion

Order of attack and movement in Spectre Cell

Game Discussion

Tyrants of Lothal Campaign – Tress Hacnua Hero

Tyrants of Lothal Skirmish – How to fill the last point in Spectre Cell?


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One Response to “Podcast #69 – Android all the Way”

  • Chris:

    Call the Vanguard and Specter Cell works the same way?
    You may choose an order of move and attack so in both cases You can move/attack in any order?
    Move = “gain X movment points” where X is your move value.

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