Podcast #3 – Therapy Session

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—————– Announcement —————–

Due to Star Wars Celebration 2015 http://www.starwarscelebration.com/ happening just after the scheduled recording date of Episode #4, we posponed recording it until the monday after that. So you have until the 19th of April to send in your answers to the raffle!

3 Responses to “Podcast #3 – Therapy Session”

  • Dan Halstead:

    Hi Guys,

    Great podcast!

    Answer is redacted! Or redacted, if you will.



  • Pasi 'a1bert' Ojala:

    Not sure if this has been discussed since, but a late clarification about Rebel Troopers and Aim:

    Aim applies if Gideon gives a Command for a Rebel Trooper to attack whether Gideon moved already during his activation or not. The “you” in Aim refers to the Rebel Trooper (i.e. the figure whos ability it is). However, if Gideon first Commanded a Rebel Trooper to move, then Masterstrokes the same Rebel Trooper to attack, Aim would not be available, because the Rebel Trooper moved during the activation.

    • Pasi 'a1bert' Ojala:

      Also, you can only reroll a die you have rolled yourself, so you can’t reroll someone else’s attack or defense dice.

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