Podcast #25 – Bitchy But Good

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2 Responses to “Podcast #25 – Bitchy But Good”

  • Kurt Lao:

    Combat Mastery is probably the 2nd best skill in her skill arsenal (1st being Combat Momentum). The mere fact that does 2 attacks for the cost of one, it is her other source for action economy. 2 attacks in one action can also potentially regain you 2 strain from strain recovery from attacks, so that gives you a potential to do close quarters again without the need to spend an action to rest.

    • Kurt Lao:

      Correction, its potentially net one strain recovery to make up for the cost of using it. Going with this skill however does demand that the equipment be good so it does become a team decision if they want to invest in her this way, but the payout does work well if she is very well geared, especially if her melee weapon has reach.

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