Podcast #16 – Scrambled Communication

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3 Responses to “Podcast #16 – Scrambled Communication”

  • Pasi 'a1bert' Ojala:

    A note about attacks and non-heroes and Lead By Example. Hopefully this makes the rule more clear for everyone.

    There is not a one attack per activation limit for non-heroes.

    There is no limitation for the number of attacks that can be performed during an activation.

    The limit is that you can only use one action per activation that contains/performs an attack. The limit is in the number of actions, not in the number of attacks.

    Additional attacks can be received from abilities that are not actions without any limitations (Like Sustained Fire and Lead by Example) and an action can contain more than one attack (Brutality) without contradicting the rule, even without the Assault ability. (Assault allows to use more than one action that performs an attack.)

    (Note that if Nexu Pounces but does not perform the attack, that Pounce does not count towards the limit, because an attack didn’t actually happen during the action.)

    Btw, Stormtrooper is not a trait, so it needs an exact name match (but allows both elite and regular – the name, e.g. Stormtrooper is told to refer to both versions in RRG). Join the BGG discussion about it. 😀

  • Yeah, we were still figuring that out by then. It’s a little hard to remember as it’s a very minor detail and by an large the rule that non-heroes can only attack once a round holds up.

  • Pasi 'a1bert' Ojala:

    We’re all older and wiser, with more routine. 😀

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